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1886 Winchester 50-110 Question

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A dumb question ........ If you changed the barrel of the 50-110 cal to a 45-70 cal on the 1886 Winchester would the action handle the cal. change without modification??....Jack
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Jack: Take the butt stock off and examine any numbers you see stamped into the side of the lower steel tang. Factory reworks usually had the original assembly numbers X'ed out and a new set of numbers stamped. That would indicate a factory rework. Cody may be able to tell you more if this has occured.

If that isn't present you may have a rifle that some one has cobbled up from parts. Takes away a lot of collector value but may still be a good shooter if bore is good and action tight. The British used this rifle in the big 50 cal. quite extensively in India. Perhaps the original rifle was returned to England for rebuilding to a 45-70 or it might have been returned to Winchester for rebuild. When it went back to England it would still have had to have gone through the British proof houses. It would be interesting to know the whole history of it.
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