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1892 French Carbine

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I was in a gun shop yesterday just wasting time. The shop owner has cut back his hours and days that he is open and that is a real shame. Anyway, I scanned the used gun racks and saw two 1892 French Carbines in 8mm Lebel. One was much nicer with a perfect bore, matching numbers and was more expensive. I set it back and will pick it up next week. Now I will have something to hold when I watch "Beau Geste" or movies about the Foreign Legion. All the best...
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French made millions of Lebel rifles. We captured this Mle 1886 M93 in 2008 in Iraq. It diffenitly has seen better and more glorious days. The 8mm Lebel was also the first smokeless round and created a arms race across Europe.

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