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A shop I frequent had one of these for at least six months--I handled it a couple of times, but really wanted one in 38 Spl.-357 Mag. But, I recently came across a nice S&W M&P in 32-20 for which I bought dies, brass, and a mould so the little carbine seemed like a natural. I bought it today but can't pick it up for ten days--this is California. It has a Redfield receiver sight and Ballard--type rifling so I'm thinking it ought to shoot. May have to spring for another mould though--for a heavier bullet than the RCBS 98g SWC mould I bought for the pistol. Funny how there's ALWAYS something else you need!

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The 32-20 is a fun gun to shoot. Your Marlin will accept a lot stiffer loads than your S&W will. I have three 32-20s in my collection. Use care in reloading, the necks of the cases are extremely thin.

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CAUTION: This post discusses loads or load data that equals or exceeds published maximums for the cartridge(s) mentioned. Neither the writer, The Shooter's Forum, nor the staff of The Shooter's Forum assume any liability for damage or injury resulting from using this information. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THE DESCRIBED LOADS without first working them up from a published safe starting level charge while watching for pressure signs. If you don't know how to do that, don't try.

I don’t know how strong your M&P is but if it like my M-16 in 32 Magnum it is quite strong.
I would use caution for the rifle loads I have listed and would work my way up on the heavy frame loads. Any of the loads listed may be redused.
The standby load of 5.0 grains of Alliant Bullseye should work well for you wilth any bullet you select.

In the Buckeye Blackhawk, I like 5.0 grains of IMR SR4756, which will break 1,000 fps regardless of the temperature. I believe I got this load xxx Ed Harris who is a member of the Beartooth board. This is a good load in my large frame handgun.

For heavy frame handguns, I like the 100-grain Hornady XTP ahead of 17.0 grains of IMR 4227. In the big buckeye Blackhawk load will exceed 1,520 fps but you must polish your chambers a little or the cases will stick in the rough Ruger chambers.
This 17.0 grain load will nudge 2,200 fps on hot days xxxx the Marlin 1894 but it is hard on brass.

The 110-grain Speer bullet will exceed 1,800 fps when pushed by 13.5 grains of IMR 4227 in the Marlin 1894. I seat this bullet to 1.700”

In both the rifle and handguns, I like 5.5 grains of Alliant Unique and a 98- or 100- grain bullet. 5.0 grains is better for the lighter frame guns but the heavy frame guns seem to shoot the 5.5 grain load with more accuracy. The 5.5 grain load will top 1,100 fps everyday xxxx the 7.5” barrel.

I shoot quite a few 100-grain NEI PB SWC bullets and the Blackhawk with 4.5 grains of unique will break 1,000 fps with excellent accuracy. This lighter load is quieter which helps some in the ground blinds when calling varmints.
Raising this load to 5.0 grains of Unique will increase velocity to above 1,100 fps.

In the Marlin 1894, the Lyman 311316 bullet ahead of 6.0 grains of IMR SR4756 will break the 1,400 fps barrier with good accuracy and good brass life. When hot roding the Marlin 1894 you have to keep the large chamber in mind as the Marlin is hard on brass as you raise the pressure.

If you want a quiet load for your Marlin rifle 1.5 grains of Alliant bullseye will push the 115-grain Lyman 311008 730 fps and a little faster and is an exceptionally accurate load in our rifle. I got this load xxxx the Leverguns forum but cannot remember who posted it. This is a good load and Greg Mushial has similar low velocity loads using many powders on his website:

I shoot many Hodgdon Titegroup loads using 3.0 grains of Titegroup and the Lyman 311008, this load exceeding 850 fps with good accuracy.

There is not a lot of need for jacketed bullets but they perform well. The 85-grain Hornady XTP ahead of 15.2 grains of Hodgdon 110 is a wonderful load which exceeds 2,200 fps in the Marlin 1894.

17.0 grains of IMR 4227 will push the 85-grain XTP 2,300 fps but is not quite as accurate in my rifle as the H-110 load.

The 90-grain Sierra JHP bullet is an exceptional bullet in the 32-20. The Sierra bullets hold together well and penetrate deeply. The 90-grain Sierra
Bullet will often mush all out of shape yet will retain good weight and does not shed its jacket.
16.5 grains of IMR 4227 will exceed 1,500 fps in the Marlin rifle.

16.5 grains of IMR 4227 will exceed 2,100 fps.

All of the above loads are using R-P brass and Winchester small rifle primers. I seat the Sierra bullets to 1.575” COAL for the marlin 1894.
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