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I have been waiting several months now for local gunstores to get one in.  Last night I went to buy one.  Now, the dealers  around here are charging &#36599 for these rifles.  The shop had two, and I've got to say I wasn't impressed.  THe wood to metal fit is very poor and the matte black finish on the top and tang is ugly.  

I have better walnut laying around my garage floor than they put on these two guns.  

The barrel tapers so much at the end, there is hardly any muzzle left.  I think that this long skinny whippy barrel with the full length magazine tube will probably not shoot as well as the ss or guide guns.

Its still an neat rfile and I'd like to have one, but its not a &#36600 dollar rifle. Compared to a Ruger No. 1 at the same price, seems like a lot more gun for the money.  

I'm glad I didn't buy one sight unseen.  The classic lines are great but the details are not.
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