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Finally had the chance to shoot my new Marlin 45/70. It is an 1895 LTDV, which I believe is a limited edition. Has a 24" half octagon/round barrel. Just the ticket to try out the Ballisti-cast 425gr Hammerhead mould.

Loaded some rounds with 46.9 grs IMR 4895, sounded like a good start load and this is what a Lee dipper threw.

The rounds would not chamber because there wasn't any freebore to speak of. I have a 45 cal throater from another job so I cut the throat to fit. Had to take out 1/4' or better before the lever would close. They feed well now and close easily.

These loads show 1570 fps average for ten shots. I didn't get to check the accuracy because of rain. The rifle is as much fun as it looks like.

Would make a great bear gun. Now all I need is the bears.
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