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I have the opportunity to buy either of these rifles, and would appreciate your input into which model I should go for.

1. I prefer the look of the 1895 STBL because I think the Scout scope mount is kind of ugly. The reason for this is that I do not plan on having a scope mounted.

2. If I order the 1895 STBL, I will have to invest more $$$$$ to have XS or Skinner sights added. The 1895 SBL already has XS sights, so I will save a considerable amount of money by going with this selection.

3. I have heard alot of various complaints about the 1895 SBL, but hardly any complaints about the 1895 STBL.

4. I have unfounded feelings that I might end up with a more solid rifle with the 1895 STBL compared to the 1895 SBL.

5. Should I steer away from taking the easy way out by ordering the 1895 SBL and spend a little more by buying the 1895 STBL and upgrading?

Thanks for your recommendations!!
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