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1911 Carry Rigs

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I was lucky enough to come into a pair of new Kimber 1911s recently - a vanilla Custom II (5" Gubment size) and an Ultra Carry II (3" chop-job). They make quite a pretty couple sitting next to each other!

Anyway, I recently picked up my CCW license and now I'm nosing around for holsters. I've seen a bunch of 1911 related posts on this site and thought some of you more experienced folks might be able to shed some light on my search.

I think I'm looking for two holsters: an IWB rig fit for daily carry of the 3" and a strong-side type that'll fit both frame sizes for IDPA shoots I'm planning on competing in soon.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Kramer IWB #3 in horsehide for my carry needs, but there are so darn many open-bottom belt-slide style holsters that'd hold both pistols that my mind is boggled.

Two questions:

Anyone here ever use the Kramer IWB #3, and if so what's the verdict?

What belt-slide / yaqui-slide style rigs do you think are worthwhile, knowing the primary use is IDPA but taking into account that I may want to use it for actual carry of a full-size 1911?

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Gismo said:
Those look interesting, Gismo, thanks. I'll see if my area Cabela's carries them in order to try and put my hands on one and see how it fits.
Check out Andrews Custom Leather. The McDaniel II is the one I have used for many years for different sized Glocks. Tha Saddle Holster makes a good rig for combat shoots or carry.
ironhead7544 said:
Check out Andrews Custom Leather. The McDaniel II is the one I have used for many years for different sized Glocks. Tha Saddle Holster makes a good rig for combat shoots or carry.
The Andrews looks interesting, but an awful lot like a Milt Sparks Summer Special. What's the advantage over the Sparks rig, which is widely available and almost legendary in terms of utility and ruggedness?

I recieved a belt and holster for my commander sized CDP II from
as a X-MAS gift a couple of years back....

The quality of workmanship is out standing. The belt is double think leather, made specificly for gun carrying, Even with your belt undone, the holster/gun does not flop around.. The holster is equally well made and real retains the piece. The belt is a worn daily, and shows little sign of wear.

Their Mag holer uses a pieces of spring steal that slips on the belt form the bottom (thought the thing wasn't made incorrectly at first, was trying to take it apart to "fix" it, my wife looks over and says, " Just clip it on from the bottom" DUH). Beacuse of the shape of the spring, you have to be trying to get it off, and there is no way to pull the mag and have the mag holder follow.

When you consider the quality of the product, and that you can get the belt and matching holster for the same price as just the holster from other companies, I though it was to good to be true, but they got a lot of great reviews on the 1911forum, and I have not been disapointed....

I highly recomend checking them out... As, it is a small family run outfit that will answer all questions and make sure you are satisfied with the product..

Other experience.... Have a wilson combat IWB, I'd love to part with... My eating habits and IWB do not go together....Hope you don't have to buy all new bigger pants!!!

Best o luck

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Nothing wrong with the Sparks rig. The Andrews rig has a rear mounted belt loop that allows for adjusting the angle of carry. Helps in uncomfortable conditions. Never had a Sparks rig but never heard a complaint about them.
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