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1911 Carry Rigs

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I was lucky enough to come into a pair of new Kimber 1911s recently - a vanilla Custom II (5" Gubment size) and an Ultra Carry II (3" chop-job). They make quite a pretty couple sitting next to each other!

Anyway, I recently picked up my CCW license and now I'm nosing around for holsters. I've seen a bunch of 1911 related posts on this site and thought some of you more experienced folks might be able to shed some light on my search.

I think I'm looking for two holsters: an IWB rig fit for daily carry of the 3" and a strong-side type that'll fit both frame sizes for IDPA shoots I'm planning on competing in soon.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Kramer IWB #3 in horsehide for my carry needs, but there are so darn many open-bottom belt-slide style holsters that'd hold both pistols that my mind is boggled.

Two questions:

Anyone here ever use the Kramer IWB #3, and if so what's the verdict?

What belt-slide / yaqui-slide style rigs do you think are worthwhile, knowing the primary use is IDPA but taking into account that I may want to use it for actual carry of a full-size 1911?

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Check out Andrews Custom Leather. The McDaniel II is the one I have used for many years for different sized Glocks. Tha Saddle Holster makes a good rig for combat shoots or carry.
Nothing wrong with the Sparks rig. The Andrews rig has a rear mounted belt loop that allows for adjusting the angle of carry. Helps in uncomfortable conditions. Never had a Sparks rig but never heard a complaint about them.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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