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Here's a pictorial on reassembling a Check-Mate 8 round, extended tube, hybrid feed lip, removal base pad magazine (CM45-8-S-H-EXT). These magazines are sold by Ed Brown with their logo on the side of the mag. Many other pistol manufacturers (e.g. Kimber, Colt, etc) also sub-contract out magazine production to Check-Mate.

Here's a fully assembled mag.

Here's the same mag fully disassembled. Note the looped end at the top of the spring. The small stud underneath the follower must go inside this loop. The orientation of all the parts in relation to the mag tube is correct in this picture.

Step One in reassembly is to insert the mag spring from the bottom of the mag and push it just high enough in the tube to support the follower as it is inserted to prevent it from falling to the bottom of the tube or tilting in the tube. You'll probably have to adjust how high the spring sits in the tube to suit your technique.

Now we begin inserting the follower. Come in from the front of the tube.

At some point you'll have to rotate the front of the follower up and the back of the follower down to allow the front follower leg to clear the front of the tube. As you do this, the follower will probably come into contact the spring which is what you want. Continue pushing the follower down and back until you're able to rotate the front of the follower down so that the front leg is inside the tube. Note that the follower is in minimal contact with the actual feed lips. You DO NOT want to force the follower between the feed lips.
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Here the front follower leg is in the process of being rotated down into the mag. It will contact the front of the tube so there will be a little felt resistance. Just continue pushing down on the follower until the front leg is all the way down and parallel to the front of the tube.

Now is the time to double check the position of the follower stud relative to the loop on the front of the mag spring. If it's not where it's supposed to be you can reach in with jewelers screwdriver to pull the spring forward so the stud is engaged by the loop. At this point push the spring that has been hanging out of the bottom of the tube all the way up into the tube and secure the end of the spring under the rails that hold the base pad on the magazine.

Here's a picture showing the spring being held under the rails.

Now it's time to slide the base plate under the rails. Here the end of the spring has escaped from under one rail. No problem. Just slide the plate forward while pushing the loose end of the spring down with your finger.

Still working on sliding the plate forward. The little hump between the two holes in the plate will fit into a corresponding hole in the base pad to prevent the base pad from coming off the magazine.

Here the base plate is all the way in. It is slightly shorter than the mag tube to allow it to be depressed into the tube as the base pad is installed.

The base pad engages the magazine rails as you push it onto the mag from the front. You will have to push the base plate down with the base pad in order to line it up with the rails.

You will have to maintain forward pressure on the plate as you slide the base pad on to prevent the plate from being pushed off the back of the mag.

Once the base pad contacts the hump on the base plate, use a tool to push the plate down to allow the pad to pass over it.

Push the pad back until the plate hump snaps into the hole in the pad. At that point reassembly is complete. In the pic below you can see the plate hump inside the hole in the base pad.
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