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Here's a trick that's been around for a while that will make reassembly faster, less frustrating, and will prevent the dreaded idiot scratch.

Use a round file to create a shallow groove at the back of the slide stop as shown in the picture below. I pulled this slide stop out of a pistol and didn't clean it before taking the pic which accounts for the gunk on it. The idea is to make the groove just big enough and at an appropriate angle to engage the plunger pin when inserting the slide stop into the frame. As pressure is applied against the slide stop the plunger pin will be pushed back into its tube and the slide stop will snap easily into place.

Here's a top down view showing the slide stop in contact with the plunger pin.

Here's a close-up of the picture above. The black plunger pin is clearly visible and although you can't see it, the pin is in contact with the groove.

Here's another view of the slide stop and plunger pin. All that needs to be done to seat the slide stop is to push it straight into the frame. There's no need to rotate the slide stop into position. Just place the groove over the pin and push in.

Finally, here's a close-up of the pic above. It's not easy to see but the rounded end of the plunger pin is in contact with the rounded groove in the slide stop. The angle, depth, and width of the groove will determine how much pressure needs to be exerted on the slide stop to push the plunger pin back into its tube.

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