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Hi everyone,

I just finished reloading my 1st reloads ever. After several years of having the equipment, I finally tried it! It was easier than I thought.

Here is what I did if you more experienced reloaders could tell me if this is a "good/safe" load I will then shoot them!
These loads are for the .44 Mag.
I used new Winchester cases, WLP primers, 22.5grs of H-110, and a 280gr wfngc. Finished cartridge length is 1.61".

They look real good and I was wondering what the velocity might be out of a 7.5" SBH.

Thanks for your time and expertise!

Ray C. :biggrin:

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Ray, you just duplicated my .44 hunting load - exactly.  To get it any closer you'd have to get powder out of the same can I'm using.

I get 1350fps or so from a 7.5" Super Blackhawk.

Hold on tight when you touch one off.  Don't let the trigger guard whack you.

By the way.... if this is really your first loading, it would probably be advisable to work up from a little lower charge weight first (say 20 grains), as a general rule.  But I don't think that you'll have any problems with that gun.

Here's another tip.... for something that will have the same point of impact at 25 yards, but be considerably easier on the shooter, try any commercial cast 240 gr. SWC with between 7.5 and 8.0 grains of Titegroup, WW231, AA#2, etc.  You'll have to fiddle with the charge weights a bit.

Have fun.

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Ray C.

The load you have put together for your .44 Mag is the exact same load that we used here at Beartooth Bullets this winter during our two months of bullet lube evaluation!  The EXACT same load!  It has proven to be very uniform and accurate in a broad cross section of .44 Magnum revolvers over the years.  Very predictable and very consistent!

Good Shooting and God Bless,

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