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I am in almost daily contact with ENGLANDER and know he still lurks here. His job has been consuming him and he has been working at a killing pace. The recent big storms and flooding in Scotland had him working pretty hard. He is still very much involved with various serious air rifles and has shared many pictures of his hunting results with me. He hunts to feed his ferrets and has been quite successful with the .17 caliber rifles. He hunts with .17’s, .22’s and .25 caliber air rifles. The .25 caliber rifles have my interest but I cannot use the sound moderators quite as freely as he can! It is odd to this Texan how the UK can have such restrictive firearms laws and yet consider the use of a silencer to be good mannered and neighborly.
ENGLANDER also shoots .444, .308, .218 Bee and .30-30 and we have exchanged a lot of data and tips but I believe he really enjoys a good stalk with his air rifles. He has sent me a number of UK air rifle magazines and I am astonished at how seriously hunting with air rifles is taken in the UK.
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