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Sorry, I can't vouch for the 20 ga. factory slug loads, but I have played extensively with handloads using the Lyman 385g Sabot slug, both in 2 3/4" and 3" shells.  With the right loading, these long slugs shoot very, very well.  They are devastating on game too by the way!  Huge wound channels with the large frontal meplat.

They seem to penetrate as well or perhaps a tad better than Lyman's 12 ga. slug of the same design, simply because the 20 ga has a better sectional density.  

However, matching the performance of a 12 ga.  No, I don't see how that could ever happen!  However, the right load in that 20 ga. defender would still be a mighty persuasive deterrent for most any aggressor, two or four legged!

Pray you don't ever need it.

God Bless,

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