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I was finally able to get to a range to shoot my .375 Winchester over the weekend, and was happy with the accuracy of my two loads.

220 grain jfp over 36 grains on 3031 and

200 grain jfp over 38 grains of 3031.

However, the 200 grainers are a pain to load- they are short to the point of being hard to line up straight, and I have a few have come out of the crimp crooked.

The problem could be me - I load with a Lee handpress, but I am thinking about forgetting the 200 gr's and sticking with 220 and heavier.

Any thoughts?

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Lyman "M" die which will expand case mouth evenly so there is a little 'shelf' for the bullet base to sit on as it's being started in the seating die.
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