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Anybody have any Bee experience?  

I'm looking for a "range/practice/plinking" rifle and thought the Bee might be the ticket -- it comes in the Ruger #1 and has very similar trajectory to the 30-06 I have (also a #1)  and it shoots about 12grs of pistol powder.  I like the idea of going home after shooting 60 rounds without a sore spot.

Of course this makes no financial sense, since the cost of a new #1 would buy a lifetime worth of practice 30-06 loads...  

(The .50 Alaskan reference meets the requirement to mention it in every post.)  <!--emo&:D--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'><!--endemo-->

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Charlie Z

First off, lets not let good sence get in the way of a good time!

Check your local Library for Francis Sell books. Look for "The American Deer Hunter", "Small Game Hunting" and "Advanced Hunting on Deer and Elk Trails". Three great books that discuss "understudy "rifles.

The .218 Bee closely matches .348 Winchester trajectories which are very close to early trajectories for the .30-06, with heavy bullets. If you shoot the .356 you will find that the .218 Bee is very close to the .356 in trajectory. Makes a great combination.

I may step on a toe here so let me say first that I am a big .22 Hornet fan. That said, the .218 Bee is what the modern Hornets with their short barrels want to be. The modern Hornet has trouble reaching 2625 fps with reasonable loads. The Bee reaches 2650 fps with reasonable loads, and good brass life.

Unfortunatly when a Bee case breaks you need an Echo shell extractor. When a Hornet breaks you can remove it with a pistol rod and a .22 bore brush. The new .218 Bee Marlins have a chamber that is a little large at the base. The Marlin shoot's well but is hard on brass with maximum loads.

Hornady and Speer have excellent flat nose and hollow point bullets for the Bee. The standard Hornet 45 gr. semi-spitzers work well also.

I have fired ONE shot from a Ruger #1 in Bee. A friend had one, he sold it! I didnt say he was smart.
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