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Greetings Hutzpah ! Welcome to the forum ! I must admit i find your choice of gun nothing short of bizarre !:rolleyes: Knowing the cost here in the U.K for what your ordered not to mention the hassle !

How ever every man to his own, funny also as ive just bought a Marlin 1894 in .218 Bee :D I will how ever be bagging bunnies and charlie with it as well as plinking on the range.

I take it you will only be on the range with it ??

Regarding cast Bee data have you looked at loadswap above ?? There is 45 gn hard cast at 1700 f.p.s ish and 2000 f.p.s plus perhaps you could use it as a starting point ?

Will you be casting your self ?? or buying your cast bullets ??

Im sure some will here will be able to help you more than i

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