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I have the NEI #1 bullet, it weighs a nominal 35 grains. I have never shot it in my Marlin Bee but in the standard hornet at .22LR type velocities it shoots well. this is a copy of an older Lyman offering.

I also have the Lyman 225438. Mine is a latter mold with the wider lube grooves and drive bands. The earlier molds had narrower bands and lube grooves. This bullet was once offered as bevel base, flat base and gas check, along with a hollow point. It simiulates the .22 LR in the Hornet. I have not had any luck with this bulet above 1800 fps, others have written that they have.

For the bigger bullet I suggest the Lyman 225415. I have had pretty good luck with this bullet in my Marlin. I suggest you start with 9.5 grains of Alliant 2400. This gives 2269 fps in the 22" Marlin. This load has a low extreme spread and seems to group well at fifty yards. I have not worked with this particular load enough to have long term data but I like what I have seen. My bullets are soft, they weigh 55.4 grains as they drop from the mold and 56.8 grains when lubed and sized. Lyman lists this bullet as weighing 45 grains when cast of #2 alloy. I prefer to shoot them unsized but I have just been starting to experiment with sizing them to .224" I believe this is too small and intend to open my size die up to .225" to have a look.

With jacketed bullets be sure to try Hodgdon 'Lil Gun. It gives good results with high velocity and seemingly lower pressures. Watch your cases for stretching. The Bee will surprise you if you dont keep an eye on your cases.
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