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As someone that has shot 1000's of rounds of 22-250 and 223 both are great cartridges. The 22-250 would in my opinion be more powerful then what you need there in scottlaand.

I have killed P- dogs at excess of 600 yards with the 55 gr bullet (most accaurate bullet I have found for the 22-250, 52 gr and 69 gr work very well in the 223 also.

I expect you handload perhaps another neat cartridge you may look into for varmits at med range 250 yards or less is the 17 remington. I have both and my father uses both for varmit and preditor control on our Wyoming Ranch and he loves the 17 for its flat shooting and very low recoil and its CHEAP to reload and shoot. He called me last Sunday Am on his Cell phone since we both were working and told me of just killing a rather large Coyote at about 120 yards with my 17 rem. Father and Son both work in the Wyoming oil fields plus my Dad still ranches. The 22-250 is a great long range varmit cartridge its not legal here to use on big game so we happly kill alot of coyotes and other varmits with them.

As someone that has shot the 22-250 and the 17 both for nearly 20 years you may want the 17 its fun too shot period.

Kenny Wasserburger
Wyoming Territory Sharps Shooter
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