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I have 2 22-250's and both are consistently the most accurate rifles that I shoot.

Both like 33gr of H4895 with the 63 gr Sierra SMP. They also shoot well with 34.5 gr of H4895 and 55 gr Hornady bulk Soft Points.
The other load that has worked well for me is 39.0-41.0 gr of H380 with 52 gr Sierra BTHP Match Kings. Just start out with 39.0 gr and work up .2 gr at a time till you find the sweet spot 40.0 gr with A WW LR primer at 2.360 COL shoots .4's or less for 3 shots @200 yds out of my heavy barrel savage.

The 63 gr Sierra SMP has worked quite well for me on deer, between Myself, my daughter and 2 friends it has accounted for over 20 deer and only 2 needed a second shot.

For reduced loads I use Sierra 45 gr SP's designed for the Hornet, I load 13-14 gr of Blue Dot under them for about 2500 fps. Shoots into 1" or less for 5 shots at 100 yds. 9.0 gr IMR 700X with and 55 gr Soft Point also works well :D

It has been my experience that the 22-250 is not real picky about powders or primers. I have had good luck with the following powders, (shown in order of preference)
H4895, H380, AA2520, RL15, H414/WW760 (-same powder-)Benchmark, TAC, Varget, IMR4064, IMR 4320, H4831SC. Generally I use CCI BR2's for stick powders and WW LR primers for ball powders.

and for reduced loads Blue Dot, IMR 700X with any primer
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