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Your results with 'Lil Gun in fireform loads are interesting.
I have experianced similar problems when fireforming K-Hornets using Winchester 296. I got signs of high pressure, sticky extraction and unusualy high velocity readings with new Winchester brass, Winchester primers and bulk Winchester 45 grain JSP bullets. I was able to repeat these signs by loading the same load and firing them on a different day. I stopped using ball powder for fireform loads. Others I have spoken to have not noticed a similar result with ball powder fire-form loads in the K-Hornet. I now use IMR 4227 for fire-forming K-Hornets.
I have used 'Lil Gun for K-Hornet loads in previously formed brass with excellent results. I have a 24" Fox Ridge K-Hornet barrel.
I believe the Hodgdon web site has 'Lil Gun K-Hornet loading information.
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