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Hi Folks:

I'm looking for some help on reloading this cartridge.

A few days ago my neighbor and I were talking in the yard about firearms. He mentioned that he had a Sako rifle chambered for .22PPC. He was dismayed at the fact that he didn't have much ammo left and couldn't find more. Being a reloader myself, I offered to see if I couldn't find components and dies for this caliber and make handloads for him. Apparently, manufactureres still make die sets for .22 PPC and others have recommended the Redding dies. They list two different sets, one for .22PPC USA and one for .22 PPC Sako. Which die set do I want? Being a Sako, one would think you'd want the Sako, but was the rifle chambered for the USA?

My neighbor also has very few cases from which to work with(around 30), so he'll need a supply of brass also. I learned that the .22PPC is based off the .220 Russian cartridge. Brass is still availble for this caliber and, I'm told, that one pass through the dies makes it a .22 PPC. I have never resized to a different caliber so I don't know what to expect. I'd like to get him shooting this fine rifle again.

Can anyone help with which dies, component recommendations, pitfalls to be aware of, and anything else I might need to know for this project.

Thanks in advance for any help you might pass on


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Hi, Robert:
I might have this completely backwards, so check with the benchrest folks at the links below. If I've got it right, the Sako has a standard neck with a fair margin of clearance between the cartridge neck and the chamber neck. The benchresters usually turn the necks so they're all the same thickness, then shoot them in a chamber with minimum neck clearance. This is the USA chamber, I think. The problem comes when you shoot unturned Sako or Russian brass in a USA chamber. If the bolt closes, you've got ZERO neck clearance and all the nasty consequences.

Check with these gents, they've done it, I haven't.


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In addition to the links above, another source for .22 PPC brass & information would be Precision Shooting magazine, I think that they are also on the web at

Should be some ads in that magazine for PPC brass.

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I have a Ruger No.1V in 22PPC that is/was a standard factory offering in 1993. I have used Sako 22PPC cases which are available here right off the shelf and they are perfect.
Jack is right about the difference between 22PPC and 22PPC USA.
You will find that cases can be made from new PMC 7.62X39 brass can be necked down in two stages first to .25 and then to .22, however these will require trimming to length and neck turning before use.
The very best accuracy in my gun has been with Sako cases loaded with a set of RCBS dies.

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Sako 22 PPC and 22 PPC USA

My favorite Varmint gun is a Sako Heavy Barrel Model V
in Stainless Laminate and I have had it for several years.
You can still buy factory Ammo from Sako, Additionally
you can still buy factory Brass from Sako. Until this year
you could still buy norma Brass for 22 PPC USA.
What is Written on the Box is "Finland Sako 22 PPC USA"
I bought my dies from Redding. I shoot at 3500 fps with
consistent sub 1/2 inch groups. Love this round.

I am told that Lampua 220 Ruusian Brass is Superior brass
so you can Neck up (they are not .224) and fireform.
I think the easy way to go is with Sako Brass.
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