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.22 shorts in an S&W Model 17

As a 30+ year bullseye shooter, who used only revolvers, I did alot of testing of brands of .22's in my 6" model 17. I thought maybe shorts would give me an edge in timed and rapid fire. My club had a ransome rest mounted on a 55 gal drum full of cement. Couldn't ask for a more solid base.

Anyway, I tried CCI, Federal, Remington, WW, and a host of other brands of .22 shorts in both tgt and high vel, firing each for three 10 round groups at 25 yds. I already had done the same with std and high vel loads in LR.

NONE of the shorts versions came anywhere close to the acuracy of the LR versions. I'm talking about 1 to 1 1/2 inch LR groups expanding to 3-5" in the shorts versions. One note, though. If you're looking for a quieter round, then try cb caps on the long version. They were in between the two in accuracy ( I liked the CCI version). They took alot of squirrels out my kitchen window without complaints from my neighbors.

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