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Hello Marshall

Once again a excellant informative article, can i ask is it worth performing this procedure on sub-sonic .22LR ammo ? I use only sub's in Krico rifle as i always use a sound moderator, with Rabbit the main .22 quarry. The majority are shot at 30-50 yards often less. I use CCI sub-sonic ammo which i believe holds a 36 gn hollow point bullet. Do you think the weight loss resulting from this treatment would/could improve the tradjectory ?


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I've fired volumes of the Remington Subsonic .22's that have been modified with the jig described, with outstanding results on small game.  As for enhancing trajectory, I can't say in regard to the CCI subsonic ammo... what I can vouch for however is stunning small game terminal performance from the flat meplat on the nose!  Try a few and see!  I'd love to hear your experiences from the rabbit fields!

God Bless,

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