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There are a couple of reasonably tough .22 cal bullets, but, they are unlikely to deliver the match-grade accuracy that you are looking for.

Barnes has a solid-copper hollowpoint (the "X" bullet, not the "Barnes Burner") in several weights, Nosler now make a 60gr. Partition, you might be able to find some Trophy Bonded .22 bullets, and there's the original deer bullet for the .22 cals, the Winchester 64 gr. Power Point.  Some people would also recommend the Speer 70 gr. semi-spitzer or 63 gr. Sierra SMP.

You will notice a trend in this list toward heavier or really tough bullets.

As far as personal experience or reliable first-hand observation, a friend has shot several (small) wild hogs with the Winchester 64gr. PP from a .223 Model 7.  It holds together reasonably well at .223 velocities (18" barrel on this gun, not sure the exact MV).

I shot a deer a couple of weeks ago with a Barnes X out of my .22-250 (26 inch barrel).  It wasn't really all that definitive of a test because I shot it in the head.  Kill was instantaneous, of course.  Bullet did exit but I didn't really measure out the wound channel.

As far as shooting deer goes you'll have to decide if you can handle it.  We have small whitetails in TX, not many over 100lbs.  That is a far cry from a big northern whitetail, which could be 2 or 3 times as big.  We also mostly hunt from fixed blinds so it's pretty easy to ensure that you have a solid rest, etc.  Even a mild cartridge like the .257 Roberts is far ahead of any .223 loading for big-game hunting.

For coyotes I'd personally just use whichever 40 gr. plastic-tipped bullet shot the most accurately (Ballistic Tip, V-Max, Blitzking, etc.).

Have fun and good luck with your quest for the ultimate rifle.
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