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Barnes probably does, but I think you'll have to call them as that bullet does not show up in their online data, which stops at 200 grains. It may be discontinued. I've got several boxes of their .308 pointed bronze solids that were discontinued. Too bad. Very accurate.

The online data they do have warns not to use their bullets in 8×57 I or 8×57 J. Those are 0.318" groove diameter and Barnes thinks the pressure of firing a 0.323" solid in them could be too much. Same would apply to 8×57 R 360. But also, Barnes data is all at modern rifle pressure using something close to the CIP's standard for 8×57 IS (53,000 psi) and does not respect the SAAMI 8×57 limit, which is 35,000 psi.

QuickLOAD thinks IMR4064 is the best speed and bulk compromise to try. It will not fill the case well, but better than the alternatives. If you can seat that bullet out to 3.03" COL without running into the throat, the starting load would be about 35.5 grains of IMR4064 working up toward 39.5 grains while watching for pressure signs, according to the computer. But I don't have enough specifics (fired case water capacity actual bullet length and definite usable COL with the round nose) to truly sure of any of that, so you use the information at your own risk.
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