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Hello From Scotland

I sold me .243 and got me a .308, best thing i did, the .308 gives me complete confidence and faith a very important thing.

Any how a friend of mine has just got fire arms certificate back from the police and has been granted permission for a .243 rifle and sound moderator.

He will be using it a lot for fox lamping late night/ early morning hence the moderator. He will also be using it on Deer up to your largest white tail.

What hes looking for is a "multi-purpose" bullet that will meet all the requirments of the quarry he will be hunting ? Anyone recommend any thing ? I  thought that Nosler would probably be about his best choice ?

Note of interest, about the sound moderator, our firearm laws are extremely strict and in the past if you mentioned one to the police- after he'd wipped the coffee he'd just spat across the table from his mouth and once the colour had returned to his checks- "NO CHANCE" would have been the answer !

Apparently one of our shooting organisations put on a demonstration for a bunch of police "big-wigs" / "top-brass" with different full bore using sound moderators................. Much to the amazement of the cops they are as silent as Hollywood would have you believe, so now they are a lot easier to get now.

I remember the first time i stood next to a moderated 7mm mauser the guy fired it and i lept in the air  ! next to the shooter it was still very loud, however if you backed off you did notice  a reduction in noise.

Personally i would'nt have one on my .308 it would muck up its balence and weight...

Regards Englander

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Hmmm the targets are foxes and deer, all around bullet for both? Tough decision.
I used to hunt groundhogs, turkey, whitetail deer with a FN Browning Safari grade, in 243 caliber. For the groundhogs I used Sierra 70 gr. BTHP and 85 gr BTHP. For deer and turkey I used the Speer 105 spitzer and the most accurate bullet for this rifle was Speer's 105 RN both ahead of 38.5 grains of IMR4350.
The 105 RN was pure #### on deer and the turkey necks just evaporated. The only down side of this combination was lots of bloodshot meat. So I switched over to a 45-70 bolt gun with cast bullets for deer and turkey and a 25-06 for groundhogs.
Wish your friend good luck and enjoyment of his new rifle.

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      We've shot quite a bit of game with a .243 in past years and despite many folks' claims that it is a perfectly adequate deer gun we had a couple of instances of poor bullet performance. I would strongly recommend the Nosler partition in 95 or 100 gr. if he is only going to use one load. If he were to use two loads, a lighter bullet could be used for the foxes. My opinion!         IDShooter

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I have been shooting the .243 for about 7 years now. I shoot the Sierra 100 sbt or large game and the Hornady 87 gr hpbt for small game,varmits,etc. I have worked the load for the 100gr bullet to group at .207 ( three shots) and the 87 gr bullet shoots about 1" higher with the same group size. I am very pleased with the performance of this rifle.
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