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You have a pretty good start up gun for your son. I've used the 6 rem. and the .257 Rob. quite a bit and they work absolutely great. My favorite bullets in the 6 have been the 105 Speer. My opinion is that they expand a bit more than the Nosler and a bunch more than the "X"

Although the "X" has a great rep as a "penetrator" it seldom opens to more than 1.5 caliber when fired at light game. The Speers have always given me around 2+ calibers of expansion.

BTW, I currently have a 7-08 and a .257 Rob. There does NOT! seem to be a world of difference in the effectiveness on medium sized deer. (Maybe some in favor of the 7 but not much)

My fat headed opinion would be that you are on the right track. Keep the light gun, with light recoil. Train him to place the shot, and load it with a 105 gr. Speer for those light framed deer.
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