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243 or 308?

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I am going to buy a Mossberg 100atr from bass pro, but I can't decide if I want a 243 or 308 for decently long range shooting, probably max of 600-800 yards. I don't hand load and don't like to spend a lot on high end ammo, but I just want to know which round is best for shooting at least 2" groups beyond 100yards for a budget shooter.
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You have gotten some good advice above. All I can add is that if you are going to be handloading, you ought to consider another caliber: .264 as in the .260 Remington or 6.5 Creedmoor. Probably not in your rifle of choice though. But it has the ballistic coefficient to buck the wind and stay supersonic at long ranges, less recoil than the .308, and some mighty good bullets available in .264. As someone else has said, look hard at the Savage line. If I were buying, that's what I would get.
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