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I'm interested in buying a 25-06 but i heard that they are barrel burners.
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Overbore ???

Has anyone EVER seen the "official" definition of an overbore chambering ?? I haven't.

I personally do not consider the .25-'06 overbore....BUT.....who cares about that. I would say that a chambering of the .30-06 powder capacity,simply necked down from .308 to .257 is not near overbore.

I say,if it is a hunting gun, are you gonna feed it a constant diet of 60-75 grainers at max velocity ?? OR....are you gonna feed it the 100-120 grainers at 2800-3000fps ?? If the latter, the .25-06 should last a lifetime or two.

While I'm giving my >$.02 worth,take a look at the Ruger #1V's. That's the one I would pick. -----pruhdlr
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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