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I'm interested in buying a 25-06 but i heard that they are barrel burners.
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A cartridge is not over bore because it burns more powder. It's over bore capicity when the increse in case size and charge begins to produce diminished returns. It's not an insult or a slur. It's just a clincal term to decribe a condition. Ex: a 308 win with 48gr. powder and 150 gr. slug produces 2800fps. a 30-06 with 53gr. produces 3000fps and increase of 200 fps. the 300 win mag uses 76gr and produces 3200fps. adding 5 grains increased the 06 by 200 fps over the 308. adding 22gr more in the 300 win mag added 200 fps over the 06.

the 300 win mag is over bore capicity

Thanks a bunch for putting it into easier to understand terms. Kinda knew what overbore meant but had a hard time defining which cartridges were overbore. Looks to me it's still somewhat a matter of perspective.
But getting back to the original post, I wouldn't consider a 25-06 no where close to a barrel burner. I've shot hundreds of rounds through my A-Bolt with no noticeable loss of accuracy.

I noticed in the Hornady handbook they mentioned a .264 WM in particular as a barrrel burner. Said they went though several barrels working up loads in the manual. They also wrote for the hunter who only shoots a few rounds a year that cartridge shouldn't pose a problem.
Mag maniac, Being able to increase speed does not define bore capacity. It's clear that we can agree do dissagree
barrel burner hardly
fine caliber ,,,surely
you won't go wrong adding one
My .250 Sav. burns more powder than a .25-35 Win, sends bullets out faster, and will wear the throat faster.

My Roberts burns more powder than my .250 Sav, sends bullets out faster, and will wear the throat faster.

The .25-06 burns more powder than my Roberts, sends bullets out faster, and will wear the throat faster.

My .257 Weatherby burns more powder than a.25-06, sends bullets out faster, and will wear the throat faster.


I'm not clear on why 2 of the 5 are "overbore" when the progression is what you would expect of such things?
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Thank you everyone. The whole reason i was asking is that the 25-06 is what i am looking to bet my younger brother for his first "real" hunting rifle. I appreciate all the input
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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