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I'm getting ready to order some bullets for my FA 97 in .45 Colt.  I really like the design of the 255 WFN PB and believe that it will make for an accurate bullet in my revolver.  I plan on loading  850-1000 fps. I am a deer hunter (short range) looking for a nice effective bullet/load.  Any comments?

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What's to add?  A beautifully crafted and balanced sidearm, with quite enough oomph to do the job at the ranges specified!   Meat down, and dinner on the table!

The 255 grain bullet was the workhorse for the .45LC for most of its 100 year life.   The difference being is that is was largely with RN bullets that this old black powder origin cartridge made its reputation.   Add a couple hundred feet per second to that original bullet weight, a .360" meplat and adjustable sights, you can't lose!

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