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Hi everyone..

I have used the 270 for a number of years, and cannot complain with it's performance..

I can say the same as Marshall, the Hornady is very accurate overall ,probably a good starting point with any 270 to see what it has to offer..

I have used the Remington Core Lockts with very satisfactory results on wild goats and wild pigs, and other feral game, they are a cost affective option in bulk form for me..

Its tough in suggesting to someone a choice in bullets as one's rifles meat is another rifles poison..

But Hunters in the US have several options..

Trophy bonded,Hawk, Scirroco,Swift A frame, Nosler, and many others,the choice is endless..

But I would definately have a look first at the Hornady..

Good luck Tony with your choice..

Cheers Garry..
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