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BobLavigne said:
Jack I have to say that Marshall Stanton was spot on regarding the use of black powder rather than Pyrodex.I had great success today.I fired a string of 12 rounds without any problem and as matter of fact after resighting for 100m a 5 round string produced a 1.7 x 2.5 group on target and in the black------------thank you for your direction
I was going to add my $.02 as well. I have a Pedersoli Sharps in 45-90. I can get a 5 shot string inside of 1.5 inches using any of the following loads:

75.0 grs of GOEX Ctg., .030 fiber wad, Federal 215 mag primer, SPG lube and Lyman Postel bullet cast 25-1 and run through a RCBS.459 size/lube die. I seat the bullets out until they touch the rifeling. I also use a blow tube between shots and I weigh each charge and drop them SLOOOOOOWLY through a 24"drop tube.

32.0 grns of Accurate 5744, no card wad, same bullet, lube and seating depth. CCI 250 primer

50 grs. (by volume only) of Tripple 7, no drop tube and no compression of the powder charge, .030 fiber wad, same bullet and lube, same seating depth. Federal 215 primer.

All of my cases are extruded from RP 45-70 cases and trimmed to 2.4"

I neck size only and then expand just enough to permit the bullet to enter the case.

Any of these loads will shoot MOA at 100 yards. However, only the BP load has been tested out to 400 yards. It shoots between 5 and 7 inches at that distance from a solid rest using a Pedersoli Soule sight in the back and the covered front sight with the small circle insert.

I hope this helps
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