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In an earlier posting inquiring on 3.5" Ruger SA I was taught a trick that is essential on proper ejection. Since the ejector is so short you cannot push the spent case from the cyllinder, instead try a rapid stroke of the ejector and it will cleanly pop the empty clear. This works beautifully with my 3.5" Seville and should work for you. I would like to know any info. you guys have on U.S. Arms quality, production runs, pertinant articles, etc. Mine is a Sheriffs mod. 3.5" .45colt/acp conv. Seville with royal blueing, target sights, target hammer and trigger, and was manufactured in Hauppauge, N.Y.
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Your Seville is an excellent revolver, well build, superbly crafted with very tight tolerances.  They did have a weak point with the trigger linkages of some sort as I recall that were prone to breakage, but it was an inherent design flaw and not a reflection of craftsmanship.

They are superb shooting guns, with a somewhat rocky history in production having been manufacured in New York, Arizona and finally Post Falls, Idaho before going under for the last count.

Parts are always a problem child for these guns, but I have a former post, from our old forum that I put up long ago with sources for the scarce parts for these excellent revolvers.   I would suggest buying a few of the more commonly worn parts and putting them away for a later date!

Here's that post with the info!

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Parts for Seville......try these!
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I have two sources for you. Jim Rock of RPM Gunshop in Tuscon, AZ used to have a fair number of spare parts for the Seville revolvers from when he invested in the outfit while located down in Arizona. Since RPM has undergone new ownership, I don't know what has happened to the parts inventory, perhaps they went with the business. RPM's phone number is 520-825-1233.

Also in North Idaho is a man who also was involved in one capacity or another when the Seville was being manufactured in Post Falls Idaho. His name is Bill Martz and he had quite an extensive array of parts for these out of production revolvers ranging from new barrels to just about all internal parts, at least as of two years ago for sure. his Phone is 208-263-5492, he is located in Elmira, Idaho.[/quote]

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Info on Seville revolvers appears in the 2000 edition of the
<i>Standard Cataloge of Firearms</i>.  The article was written by J.C.Munnell, one of the former owners/investors in the company.
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