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3 ball loads for 12 gauge

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i was just on the dixie slug website and saw the 3 ball loads this is the first i have heard of factory loads of this type i have been doing this for about 3 years but have been useing 50 cal soft pellets and the dixies are 60 cal hardcast i soon plan to get a 60 cal mold and try that out has anybody ever reloaded anything like that these loads are amazing
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The original poat was rather old and I see friend Ralph added some thoughts.
What I would advise is not to use soft pure lead balls, any size, trying to make the latest Tri-Ball loads. They will upsetin the wad and cause sidewall pressure indeed.
The original load was greatly improved using the Precision Reloading TUPRW123 Orange wad - three .600"/603" hard cast balls - 28 grs of Blue Dot - bullered - roll crimp - 3" Cheddite hulls. are on your own with this load. The balls must not have any buffer under the bottom or between the balls!
Regards, James
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