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These folks put out an outstanding product, their service terriffic and their prices very competitive.   They do no formal advertising of any kind... word of mouth keeps them going.   My kind of company.  Take a look at what they offer, then you decide....  I particularly like the practicality of the Backcountry holster they offer.

They have no website just their snail mail and phone.

Blessings to all,


Be patient it will take a while for these photos to load, they are optimized but still very large files.  I've scanned all that they send when you ask for information from them... you can simply print it here and save them the printing and postage costs... help keep those great prices right where they are.

3 Cross Gunleather Page 1
3 Cross Gunleather Page 2
3 Cross Gunleather Page 3
3 Cross Gunleather Page 4
3 Cross Gunleather Page 5

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Very nice looking leather,I too like the Back County. One question,when you carry your handgun with your rifle (lets say your right handed) what side do you carry your handgun? Do you use a crossdraw or strongside?
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