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I would like to shoot my Pre-War Model 70 Super Grade .30-06 in silhouette competition. Only cast bullets are allowed at this particular range. Distances are the same as they are for pistol.

Should I order the 170's or the 173's or the? The barrel has been fire lapped. I have slugged the barrel three different times with the egg sinkers. My measurements range between .3083 & .3087.

I will be trying SR-4759, R-7 & 5744 and look for about 1800 fps.

Thank you

John Smida

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Sounds like you will have a superb lead shooter with this one!   My advice would be to order the 30-170g LMNGC bullet, as it is a very nice bullet to work with in the .30-06, and request a .310" sizing diameter.   Those early Model 70's had fairly generous throats in them, and the .310" diameter bullets tend to shoot the best with the least amount of load tinkering.  

AA 5744 has proven to be outstanding in your application, as well as SR4759, don't rule out H4227 either, I've had some really outstanding results using it as well!

Enjoy that old-timer!

God Bless,

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