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I have an old Savage M 340A that I rechambered to 30-30 AI many years ago. With this rifle, I also had to do some minor mods to the clip to allow the AI cartridge to feed correctly. There is a great advantage over the standard 30-30 round, over 300 fps actually. I also switched to the 135g Sierra Single Shot Pistol bullet. Because I didn't use this spitzer bullet in a tubular magazine, it worked great. Both of my sons learned to hunt using this little rifle and it worked great for pronghorn, mule deer, javelina, etc. I think they killed about twenty big game critters with it. In your single shot, you can take advantage of the better ballistics with the spitzers also. I didn't have the option to try any 150g spitzers because it would make the overall cartridge too long for the clip. The 135 Sierra SSP expanded just fine at the 30-30 AI velocity and did not explode or fragment. I believe that it probably is a better choice than the 150g anyway. I think you'll find that the rechambering will be worth the trouble.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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