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thinkin' 'bout gettin' back into reloading for my .30-30 marlin. it shoots RP and winchester factory 150s just fine (less than 2 moa); RP and win 170s not so fine (3-4 moa) with peep.
y'all reckon i can work up a good load with the 170-gr nosler partition? i want complete penetration every time in the thick brush where i hunt alabama whitetails, which is why i'm considering the partitions. i'd use win 748 to start. what say ye?

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I haven't shot them in the .30-30, but get MOA accuracy with 165gr. Partitions in my .30-06.  No complaints.

A friend loads for his .30-30 with 748 and gets good results.  Sounds like as good a place as any to start.

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Hi Fish,

Since the 170 gr wt has not been favorable in factory you may want to start with a 150 gr. bullet. I looked at the Sierra line thinking they may have a 30 cal to fit the bill. They make two 30 cal RN bullets and I suspect one is a non expanding type like you want but I don't know which. They are called the Pro Hunter Power Jacket #2010(I suspect this is it) and the Pro Hunter #2135, which I suspect is the expanding type.

The price should be a good bit lower than the Noslers.

I shoot a Sierra bullet in my 44 I like a lot. I have not shot any others by them.

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I have shot a few hundred 170 gr noslers and I didn't like the expansion until I rechambered to 30-30 A.I. the extra 150-200 fps helped and it will still quarter through a fair sized hog. Yes, you will get complete penetration.
I agree with marko about the 150 gr"X" bullet. I have shot "X" bullets in calibers from .257 through .338 and they always perform like the next heavier wgt partition.
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