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30-30 hunting round

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I'm sure this has been discussed on here before. I've looked around and not found what I'm after.

I recently purchased a model 94 30-30. I'd like to reload it with a decent hunting round that will be used primarily for deer. I'd like a reasonably priced round that will do what I ask it to do, nothing fancy.

Anybody reloading the beartooth 30-30s? I'm looking at 150-170 grain.

Thanks for the help.
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I don't know about the brand beartooth 30-30s, but know that in my Remington Model 788 .30-30; I received the best results with WW-748 powder & 125 to 150 grain bullets.
My 336 eats rem corelocks and federal blue box 150 & 170 equally well. You'll have to see what Miss Winnie likes....
I shoot a bullet similar to Marshal’s 173-grain bullet and I shoot the Lyman 311291 which is just a bit heavier.
For hunting deer with cast bullets in the 30-30 I tend to use a Winchester Trapper with 16” barrel as my shots tend to be close in brush with the deer in motion when seen.
The heavy for the caliber cast bullets work very well for me. Velocities with my loads typically run right at 1,900 fps from the short, 16” barrel and I have no trouble killing our West Texas deer with these loads. The relatively heavy cast bullets penetrate well and with my softer mix they slug up well and leave a good exit wound.

For a Winchester Model 94 I would try both the .311” and the .310” diameter. Marshall recommends the .310” bullet for the 30-30. My rifles will chamber a .311” bullet but this engraves the nose a bit and I need to seat some bullet shapes a bit deeper for smooth chambering of my hunting ammunition. This is particularly true when using the Lyman 311291 bullet.

My overall experience with hunting bullets of the LBT type is they perform very well both for target work and for hunting. Cast bullets in the 30-30 are very useful as they may be driven at full speed without difficulty from leading and without accuracy problems.

I would query Marshall on how hard his bullets are. I tend to have quicker kills with softer bullets, bullets in the 14 to 16 bhn range. Hardness for cast hunting loads might make a good topic for a thread.
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I shoot a Ranch Dog 165grain bullet in my 30-30, excellent bullet. If it would quit snowing, I would go out to my foundry building cast a bunch up.

Jeez, you're looking for a 30/30 bullet that will kill deer? That's asking an awful lot, isn't it?? ;)

Seriously, show me a 30/30 bullet that WON'T do what you're asking, inside of 150 yards? Pick any of the flat-nosed or FTX bullets in 30 caliber, load to a good, safe working pressure and shoot til your freezer is full! :)
I used IMR4064 and a 170g Sierra in my old 1953 model 94, and it made one ragged hole at 50 yards. Velosity was around 2160 fps.
I simply love the 30-30. Either of the bullet weights you mention will do a number on deer. Own a Springfield 840 that's a sweet shooter.
Um the Remington 170round noses kill them just fine.
The 30-30 has been around long enough that I concider it to be purdy much perfected. Any bullet of 150-180 grains of weight "designed for the cartridge", will harvest deer with a case full of black powder or a smokeless load.

The Beartooth bullet is a good idea. Go for it.

Jeez, you're looking for a 30/30 bullet that will kill deer? That's asking an awful lot, isn't it?? ;)
My thought.

130gr Speer FP's, 150gr Speer/Sierra/Hornady, 170gr Speer/Hornady, W748/IMR 3031/Bl-C2/4895/....

I guess there's some things that wouldn't work.
How about the Hornady FTX bullet ? If you want to try them get some LeverEvolution and prepare to be amazed . If you have no experience with the 30-30 of course you won't see the difference . I have shot them in my .35 Rem . pump and I was some impressed with the accuracy And I'm told the downrange performance is just as impressive . Keep you powder dry !
Kudos for the 311291 my trapper loves them sized to .310.
I have been loading the Hornady 160 grain FTX over a couple different charges - the WW748 is the clear winner! When my Marlin 336 with 3-9X40 scope can put three holes touching at 100 yards - I am flat out amazed!
It has always done well with Remington and Winchester factory ammo - now it is going to the next level!
I have not been able to see what Bambi thinks of them yet - the deer were scarce in our woods this year..... :eek:
I have had very good results with 150 grain rem corelokts, and had good results with the 170, will probably use 150 grain bullets in the future though.
Thanks for advice

I appreciate everyone's insight. I should have mentioned that my model 94 is outfitted with a peep site, that I'm still getting used to. There won't be a scope on this one. That said, I think that the added price of the FTX wouldn't be worth it as I would not realize the benefit of longer range shooting open sights. Right now I'm looking at the Hornady interlocks, and will probably try some 173s from beartooth for comparison.
looking for load info. first time to reload Hornady 160 gr. FXT. using IMR 4064 powder. have always used RCBS dies but would appreciate suggestions if any for best crimp

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The 30 caliber, 160gr FTX from Hornady is specifically made for the 30/30. Seat the bullet until the rim of the case is slightly higher than the middle of the cannelure, roll-crimp until you just see the mouth biting into the grooves of the cannelure and you'll be all set.
A little off topic, but a 30-30 A.I using those leverevolution bullets could be pretty effective to atleast 300 yards.
BroomJim, he may be encountering the problem that I had with my 45-70 when reloading those FTX's. Im not sure about the 30=30 but when I attempted to get a crimp with the RCBS dies I found because hornady had to shorten the cases so much to get the pointy tip in there they made it impossible for my roll crimp to reach where it needed to reach. I have seen a number of homemade fixes to solve this problem. I ordered a Seating die from hornady and it solved the problem.

Again, Im not sure if this is a problem with the 30-30 but it may be what is happening.
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