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To: Marshall Stanton and others who wish to reply

Great article on Savage 24 Over-Under Combination Guns.
You referred to a .30-30 Improved load using a 173 gr LFNGC
Beartooth Bullet over a healthy charge of H-335 powder with a
Win primer --- in a Savage 24" barrel.
Would you please be so kind as to reveal a starting load using H-335 powder with a 170 gr RNFPGC Laser-Cast bullet
in a 24" Savage barrel --- Savage 24V Series B (.30-30/20 g)
that was re-chambered to an Ackley Improved.
Thanks and keep up the great work regarding your TechNotes articles.

Patrick Raymond
Spokane, Wa
[email protected]

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Mr. Raymond,

Thanks for the encouraging words, and yes, a good starting point for your Savage 24/30-30 Imp. using the Bullet you mention, which is actually a Lyman 311041, would be to begin with 35.0g of H335. and to employ only brass fire-formed to your chamber, and Winchester LR primers. This should get you into the pressure envelope where H335 begins to show its best uniformity in performance.

Let us know how you make out with your project!

God Bless,

Marshall Stanton
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