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I can hardly believe that they can sell any of this LE ammo.

It just is surprising to think that 30-30 users really "need" the extra range. It just seems to me that folks that need a gun to shoot more than about 150 yards already have a different rifle caliber. I must be wrong as they sell the heck out of the stuff. it may just be marketing as the gunwriters make it sound like any gun that can not shoot deer at 400 yards is inadequate.

So I'm a little surprised that they came out with another offering. Options are good thing I guess.

I hunt in the U.P. of MI and I won't get a shot over 100 yards. So I'm one of those folks who will never buy anything other than std bullets as I do not need any more range performance.

I guess I'm a contrarian. I would like to see heavier slower bullets. Not lighter & faster. That's why I chose the 35 Rem over the 30-30 to begin with.
I hope this isn't taken the wrong way (sometimes a written statement can be taken wrong without intention). There are those (can afford only one rifle) that want a little extra range without having to go to the expense of getting another rifle. IMHO That is where the LE ammo comes in. It's a good niche market to tap into and a brilliant idea that the folks at Hornady had.
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