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leverolution..i tried 2 shots at a 15 inch box with my marlin w 20 inch barrel..this at a 15 inch box,at 270 yrds..gun zeroed half inch high,at 95 yrds..first shot aimed at dead on at top of box..second mabe 7-8 inches high of top of wind to speak of..didn t touch just trying to learn the rnd..
did i just plain miss the box..or have i figured something wrong..thanks for any advice .. i can stand the truth as im not gonna be thin skinned.. just need facts im not aware of..:) slim
ps. this scope is a not proven cheap simmons that worked at the 95 fine..but i don t own any more as i don t won t to be a law breaker should they pass a law against them. i just borrowed it from its present owner..yep
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I don't remember the numbers but I think with a proper sight in,
the 30/30 will drop about a foot at 250 yards. I beleive that's if
you put it dead on at 150. These are guesses on my part I'm not
sure of the exact numbers. Look it up on line. I think you are
kind of pushing it to go out to 270 yards. How do you know you
weren't hitting to the left or right at that range? Better get a bigger
piece of cardboard to shoot at.

Below is a printout from a ballistics program I use. The problem is that you sighted in so low at 100 yards. The way you sighted in you're going to be more than 16" low, at 270 yards. Now, with that 2nd shot, you maybe should have hit the box, but as ZB pointed out, you really need a bigger target so you can figure out where you're actually hitting. When in doubt, always sight in 3" high at 100 yards and remember that all the paper ballistics in the world are only a guideline...the only way to know what your rifle will do is to shoot frequently at the ranges you're interested.

By the way, the data below is for the Leverevolution ammo, 160gr bullet at 2400fps, out of a 24" barrel. Your carbine barrel length is going to give up quite a bit of that velocity...maybe 200fps, or more. That probably explains why you didn't even hit paper at 270 yards. If you can give me the chronograph reading for YOUR gun, shooting that ammo, I'll try to give you a better idea where to sight in. Generally speaking, though, I would suggest a 3" high setting at 100 and keep your shots no longer than about 225 yards. Still pretty great range for a cartridge older than my grandpa!

Slim's 30/30

Name: .308 Cal, Hornady FTX, 160 grn
Ballistic Coeff: 0.300
Bullet Weight: 160
Velocity: 2400
Target Distance: 200
Scope Height: 1.500
Temperature: 70
Altitude: 500

Ballistic Data
Range Elevation Velocity Energy ETA Drop Max Y 10mph Wind Deflect
0 yds -1.50 in 2400 fps 2046 fpe 0.000 sec 0.00 in -1.50 in 0.00 in
25 yds 0.26 in 2333 fps 1933 fpe 0.032 sec 0.19 in -0.55 in 0.08 in
50 yds 1.62 in 2266 fps 1824 fpe 0.064 sec 0.79 in -0.40 in 0.35 in
75 yds 2.55 in 2201 fps 1721 fpe 0.098 sec 1.81 in -0.13 in 0.79 in
100 yds 3.03 in 2137 fps 1622 fpe 0.133 sec 3.28 in 0.26 in 1.39 in
125 yds 3.04 in 2073 fps 1527 fpe 0.169 sec 5.22 in 0.78 in 2.16 in
150 yds 2.57 in 2011 fps 1437 fpe 0.205 sec 7.65 in 1.44 in 3.08 in
175 yds 1.56 in 1950 fps 1351 fpe 0.243 sec 10.62 in 2.26 in 4.21 in
200 yds 0.00 in 1890 fps 1268 fpe 0.281 sec 14.13 in 3.25 in 5.52 in
225 yds -2.21 in 1831 fps 1191 fpe 0.322 sec 18.29 in 4.43 in 7.12 in
250 yds -5.10 in 1774 fps 1118 fpe 0.364 sec 23.14 in 5.83 in 9.00 in
275 yds -8.71 in 1718 fps 1049 fpe 0.407 sec 28.70 in 7.45 in 11.14 in
300 yds -13.05 in 1664 fps 984 fpe 0.452 sec 34.99 in 9.32 in 13.51 in
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well thanks fellas.. sorry i didn t get back sooner.. slim
ps.. i realy think i just don t know this rnd at longer distance..
it ll cost me to learn it ,as the leverlution price is just gonna keep going up....
in short i think i just missed,,an with no wind to speak of..sheesh
income just dropped
at my house by 2/3s,due to illness..also opportunity to shoot..thanks again

Anytime I want to test for long distance I work my way out to it so I know where the bullet is hitting.
I usually sight in at 2" high at 100 with any round I'm hunting deer with, then I take a good size background with a target on it, and back it up 50 yards at a time. It takes a little more ammo that way maybe, but then I know where I'm going to hit at any range in 50 yard increments out as far as I want to go.
You have gotten good advice from the other guys here, and I agree that a 20" carbine may not be up to shooting 270 yards, where a 24 might just give enough extra to be able to. I bet you can reach out to 200 to 225 easily enough anyway. I don't know about you, but 200 yards is a **** of a long shot for me unless I'm using a scope with some magnification. I may have attempted it with a peep in my younger days, but those days are far behind me now!
Happy New Year, and I hope this helps!
Slim, why might they pass a law against Simmons scopes? I'm in the dark here.....
i probably wasn t clear with my post.. wouldn t be the first time would it fellas:).. iwas speakin of the possible outlawing right to bear arms as some in this country are working for..sorry.. slim..:confused:most of the time:D
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