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I have a question regarding the correct crimp  application in the 30 Carbine Revolver Round. In my Speer Loading  #12 manual it states to use a slight taper crimp for the revolver rounds.
I know this is correct because of head spacing on the case mouth , but my question is what will keep the bullet from possibly jumping the crimp during recoil in the revolver?
I loaded up some 45 Colt Bullets from Ranier Bullets to shoot in my Ruger Vaquero.
These bullets were 250 grain TCJ WITHOUT a cannuler .
I was concerned about bullet jump with these bullets but a call to the factory assured me of using a 45ACP taper crimp die would do the trick!!!
These bullets were just light loads for plinking, and to my surprise the crimp did not hold at all.
Again what will keep this from happening in the 30 Carbine Revolver Rounds if fired with bullets without the cannuler?     Paul D.

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In the case of the 45 your expander plug may be larger than it should for the diameter of the bullet your using. More than likely the bullet is .451 and the expander plug is larger than that. It may be worth a measurement. If the case fits the bullet a bit tighter it should cure the problem. The plug can be turned down a bit to better fit this size bullet. You may want to get another plug and keep it separate for this load. I've stayed away from the bullets without crimp grooves in my revolvers just so I don't complicate my life.

I don't think you'll have a problem with the 30 carbine loads. The lighter bullet will be less effected by recoil and shouldn't pull the bullets. Keep your expander plug size in mind as well when loading this round as well.

Hope this helps
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