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30 super carry, collective yawn

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I love seeing new products coming to the market but two extra shots in a 13rd magazine, 1" more penetration and 13ft lbs more energy than a 9mm, really?

30 Super Carry (
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No stopping power formula I am aware of predicts stopping effects well for all chamberings, but when two loads have the same muzzle energy but different momentum (e.g., 45 v. 9 mm military ball), then, IMHO, the bigger momentum provides an edge. In this case, it appears to be a large edge.

The second consideration in the elusive "stopping power" formula is, in my opinion, bore area. A 200 gr. projectile can be launched at 850 f/s with reasonable ease from a .357 Mag., a 40 S&W, and a .45 ACP. I would expect the likelihood of stopping a determined attacker with one shot to the upper torso to increase in the same order listed.
One HELLUVA time to try intro-ing a new round. I wonder if Henry Ford was thinking the same thing(s) that Federal (apparently) is, when he launched the EDSEL...
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They usually can't hit anything with ANY weapon, so they get a BIGGER one to somehow make up for it, I guess.
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