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Handloading researchers for the 45 Colt or L Colt may already be familiar with the writings of Brian Pearce and John Linebaugh. Linebaugh's "Dissolving the myth" (45 Colt) should almost be required reading for those doing extensive reloading of the 270-300 gr bullet- 45 Colt cartridges in newer Ruger SA revolvers.

Linebaugh shows different powders that still include the tried and true Unique and 2400 propellants. Pressures are noted as safe. I have been developing some 260- 300 gr loadings that might split the difference for use in both a New Model Ruger BlackHawk and a 1920s Colt New Service with 7 1/2 in barrel. Probably the limit will be 900 fps with the Colt, and 1050 fps for the Ruger. The aim of this project is to develop heavier reliable handloads using 2400 and Unique powders that will be on target with repeat shots and still have a good measure of authority.

{The Forum has a good search feature that allows handloaders to view past research into heavy handloads for the 45 Colt. It can be useful.}

Tole Cosper, a 1900s rancher in the Arizona mountains near Stray Horse below present-day Alpine, ran himself and his horse into a mean-tempered grizzly. Though injured, Cosper managed to dispatch that bear with a Colt single action .45 using black powder cartridges. Something to consider when developing a self-defense arm and loads for use in the national forest outside Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks. The 45 Colt has the power potential to be quite a defensive revolver, whether man or beast.
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