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Yes, I've done some extensive testing with the .432"300g LMNGC DCG bullet in the .444 Marlin. C.O.L. needs to be 2.570" in order to feed properly from the magazine, and still have the ability to eject a loaded round.  No, you don't have any problem with the bullet excessively jamming into the lands of the throat when seated to this length.  I'll suggest the Lee Factory Crimp Die for crimping this (and most other bullets) in the .444 Marlin case, as you can crimp effectively with or without a crimping groove in the bullet at the proper location.  Accuracy with those loads crimped in this manner are overall more accurate than those that are not.

Keep an eye out next week Russ, when I post Part III .444 Marlin- America's Most Versatile Big-Bore  It will have load workups and results for every single gas-checked .44 caliber bullet we offer, all loaded in the .444 Marlin.  I'm finishing the shooting and chronographing this weekend, have already done all the photos except for scanning in some targets, and will finish compiling my data and roll it all together probably mid or late next week for posting at that time.

Hope this helps answer your questions!

God Bless,

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