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.300 Win Ultra Mag question

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Just bought a Savage Arms Model 116. takes a .300 Win Ultra Mag. When i bought it, the ammo they sold me was .300 Win Mag. So of course being all excited to shoot the new gun, took it to the range and took care of ten rounds. They loaded in just fine, chambered, fired, and the case ejected just like a text book case. Afterwards, i was looking at the casings versus an unfired round, and they had expanded ever so slightly. Hence why i am posting on here. Is it ok to continue firing these rounds in this gun? Thanks!
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Holy CRAP !! Thankfully your fine. Never seen anything like that before. I agree with what the other guys are saying about calling the manager or store owner if it's a mom and pop kinda place. Give a try as well as Midway USA and Natchez Shooters Supplies. The ammo engine website is a pretty neat site, you pick your caliber and it will list whatever is available in order from the cheapest to most expensive. Good luck to you
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