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.300 Win Ultra Mag question

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Just bought a Savage Arms Model 116. takes a .300 Win Ultra Mag. When i bought it, the ammo they sold me was .300 Win Mag. So of course being all excited to shoot the new gun, took it to the range and took care of ten rounds. They loaded in just fine, chambered, fired, and the case ejected just like a text book case. Afterwards, i was looking at the casings versus an unfired round, and they had expanded ever so slightly. Hence why i am posting on here. Is it ok to continue firing these rounds in this gun? Thanks!
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CORRECTION its Rem Ultra Mag (RUM)
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yeah they surely didnt come out looking the same. all ten came out expanded to the chamber

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That there, is some serious fire forming!! :eek: I'd think you quite lucky that nothing worse happened and as already mentioned I'd highly recommend you do not fire any more of those incorrect rounds in your rifle.

I would also call the manager or owner of that store and tell them of their terrible mistake. I'd further insist on a brand new box of the correct ammo to replace the incorrect ammo which might have caused you some serious harm.
Yeah I already returned the one unused box and actually sold the other 10 rounds to a friend, so it worked out.. as far as accuracy, i think it was pretty **** good. was shooting standing at about 150 yards and i got all ten shots within an 8 inch area. Was pleased with that, but after 10 rounds my shoulder was swearing at me haha

Other not, .300 Rem Ultra Mag is flippin expensive...but i can find it online for about $40 a box...guess thats not so bad considering. Anyone know of some places maybe that are cheaper? Thanks!
Normally when you fire a case into a grossly oversized chamber, the pressure goes down. But not always. I'm surprise that none of the brass ruptured - good thing it was new and not old and brittle.

Fascinating little experiment, but don't be in a hurry to repeat it!
yeah im thinking the little experiment is over haha
I took it in to get looked at this morning and picked it up this afternoon, thankfully no damage to the gun whatsoever! I also got some 300 RUM managed recoil 150 grain for $35. From what i've found reading around, the performance of managed recoil is still incredible as compared to a normal round. They had it listed for $40...but they gave it to me for a bit less which was good.
Glad you got the proper ammo! Let us know how the good stuff shoots. Scotty
will do! also, i do take responsibility upon myself for part of the error. I definitely should have been more alert to the fact there was a difference between the ammo and gun. I take this as a very fortunate learning experience for the future! I am very excited to own a rifle of this level, and i definitely understand now that it comes with quite a bit of responsibility on my part and vigilance. I appreciate the expertise that you all have and the advice! So I thank you all for that!
With ammo for the 300RUM so expensive, now might be a good time to look into reloading? :D (if you don't already that is)

Yeah on the subject of reloading that shell, maybe i should start a new thread, but what would i need? Obviously primers, grain, the slug....not sure what machine i would need. Also, what kind of life expectancy can i get per shell? I hear some dont like to reload the ultra mag brass more than three times because of the power?
Unfortunately i've already given the old brass away and kept one for "a little reminder". Otherwise i would have gladly sent some around!

In the end I am going to keep the gun, and get something else as well. After all I got the thing for such a dirt cheap price that i really dont consider it all that much of a loss if i shoot it every so often.

As far as reloading, i have a friend here at work who hunts with a 300 Win Mag and a 300 RUM...and he's been reloading those shells for years. So I think he is a perfect resource. Im actually going over there tonight and we are going to make some, and do some training...pretty stoked!
Here's more pics though...The first ones are in addition to the previous i posted...the one at the end is an actual 300 RUM. when i get home i'll take a pic of all three...a RUM, the expanded shell and a 300 win mag

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WOW:eek:. You are so lucky your still alive and or have all your hands intact. You might want to look into a muzzle brake for that also it will help soften up the punch.
Yeah I got these managed recoil ones, so we'll see how much easier on the shoulder they are:

And here is another comparison shot of the three together: left to right: .300 Win Mag, .300 Win Mag shell expanded, .300 Rem Ultra Mag.

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Yeah i've started reloading at this point and am trying a few different loads. Thanks to Hodgdon and their reloading data center, im going to try a few things. I bought some Hornady 180gr Interlock BTSP's as well as some SST's. Powder im using is Retumbo, with min to max grain 94.0-100.5C. So im going to start experimenting with different loads and see what I get. I also want to try some nosler accubonds. maybe some H1000 powder...

oh and side note, boresnakes are the best thing ever when it comes to cleaning the thing :D
I think reloaders would find getting proper neck contact on the bullet a problem with those fired cases! Glad you're okay after the experience.
yeah obviously i wouldnt used those win mag cases...i have a bunch of 300 RUM brass ive already shot im going to clean and re-use, and also purchased new brass
Amazing to see the different opinions lol If i liked golf then sure i would be all about it...being a competitive water skier and extreme snow skier, i need a bit more adrenaline and excitement in my life lol

Like i said before this was a learning experience for which im grateful ended as it did, and now i know and can use the experience to A.) not do it again, and B.) communicate to others about it to hopefully prevent them from a mistake. Definitely not scrapping the gun...just shot my first set of reloads not to long ago and love it! The gun is a definite conversation piece wherever i go as well, so im proud to own it

The 300 RUM with the .22 as well:

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Here was 5 shots at 200 yards. Setup: 180 gr Hornady Interlock BTSP, 95.5 grain Retumbo

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Wow, I think you have a shooter on your hands buddy. Looks pretty good to me! Scotty
Thanks! Yeah thats called patience and good breathing lol
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