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.300 Winchester Magnum loads

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What are your favorite components for this cartridge and why? Thanks for any info.

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Well I have some 200 gr loads as follows;

200gr Partitions
72gr H4831
Win Primer
Win Case

Today I tried some 165gr handloads that I used in another 300WM, so-so accuracy. I tried the above load and accuracy is good enough for hunting, but I still want to try 180 grain loads.

Accuracy with the above load is around 2.5" at 250 yards with a variable breeze, 5-7 mph.
I'm sorry, I may not be understanding this correctly. You shot 165gr bullets from your 300WM and put together a solid MOA group, at 250 yards, and that is just "so-so accuracy"?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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